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Motilium is the popular brand name for Domperidone. This medicine is usually prescribed for countering vomiting or feelings of nausea in children and adults. The medicine also helps relieve discomfort in the stomach. For instance, those who feel bloated or face regurgitation in their stomach, resulting in heartburn or reflux. Such symptoms are countered well with Motilium.

When is it Prescribed?

Doctors usually prescribe Motilium for the following symptoms:

  • When one experiences acid reflux or suffers from dyspepsia;

  • When one needs to control vomiting or nausea tendencies;

  • For patients who are receiving radiation or cytostatic therapy;

  • It also facilities radiological exams of the upper intestinal tracts of the stomach.

How it is to be Taken?

One should order or get Motilium as per the doctor’s prescription. It should be taken by mouth and usually before meals. In case one skips a dose, they should consume it as fast as they remember. Nevertheless, in situation it is nearly for the next portion, then one can jump the portion missed. It is best that one doesn’t consume two portions at a time.


This varies as per conditions:

  • When one suffers from acute nausea, hiccup, or vomiting, they have prescribed 20 mg pills, two at a time. These are usually to be consumed 3 to 4 times daily. This scheme is the usual prescription for adults who need to consume the remedies 15 or 30 min before their snack. Also, it can be consumed before one goes to bed.

  • This remedy is also specified for children, between the age of 5 to 12 years. They have usually prescribed 10 mg tablets, one each, 3 to 4 times a day. Also, they need to take it at least 15 to 30 minutes before their meals. They can also take it before they retire.

  • In case of chronic conditions such as dyspepsia in adults, they have been prescribed 1 tablet, of 10 mg concentration, 3 times a day. For children, half a tablet or 5 mg tablets are prescribed. They need to take it 15 or 30 minutes before their meals.

Usually, this medicine is not prescribed to younger children. In case a child has similar symptoms and is younger than 5 years, suspensions of this generic medicine are available. Hence, Motilium is usually not prescribed to such children, whose body weight is 35 kg or less.

To Be Consumed With Caution

In case people have renal impairment, they are normally not prescribed this drug. That is because their organisms are at risk of retaining fluid. Even if this remedy is given to such patients, the dosage is reduced and the period of care duration with the drug would be increased. Hence, for such people, doses are prescribed once or two times daily. It counts on the impairment of their kidneys as well. Hence, those who are put on prolonged therapy with this medicine need to get their health monitored regularly.

In general, the active ingredient in Motilium is known to contain lactose. As a result, if one is intolerant of lactose, it is usually not prescribed to them. It is also known to help increase bowel motions in the stomach. Also, those who are on therapy for Parkinson’s ailment are also specified this medicine. It helps to counter sickness and nausea that come from drugs that help treat this ailment. It should be taken only under a doctor’s supervision, in the case of such patients.

Before You Use Domperidone

Before you buy this medicine, you need to weigh the risks of the medicine, against the benefits that it provides. It is a decision that most physicians take for their patients. They also need to take into account allergies. Hence, if one is allergic to this medicine or any other, they need to inform their physician of the same. Also, one needs to inform their health care practitioner if they have allergies to any food items, animals, preservatives, or dyes. If one is consuming nonprescription items while taking this medicine they need to read the package label or list of ingredients carefully.

In the case of children, physicians usually prescribe this medicine in certain instances. That is also because studies of the effects of the active ingredient have been conducted mainly for adult patients.

In the case of older people, this medicine has not been studied for its effects specifically. It might not work in the same way as it does for younger adults. Also, the side effects of this medicine can be different for older people.

In the case of breastfeeding mothers, there is no adequate evidence that infants are at risk if mothers take this medicine. However, in case you are breastfeeding, it is best to refer to one’s pediatrician before opting for this medicine. It would help ensure that breastfeeding infants are not at risk from such medicine.

Interactions With Other Medicines

There are many medicines with which this medicine should not be prescribed. The list of medicines with which Motilium is not prescribed is a long one. It includes medicines such as Bepridil, Darunavir, Cisapride, Ketoconazole, Fluconazole, Dronedarone and many others. In case you are on any other medication you need to inform your healthcare professional accordingly. He or she will then make changes to the prescription or propose alternative drugs for use.

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