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RSD Puzzles #42-62

RSD Puzzles #42-62

Below are the titles to RSD Puzzles #42-62. To view these RSD Puzzles, please click on the link below to view the file in PDF-Format.

RSD Puzzles #42-62

42. Cranial Facial RSD and Root Canal Procedures

43. The Possible Loss of Fingernails and Toenails in RSD Patients

44. Assistive Devices and Narcotics

45. Agonists and Antagonists

46. RSD and Osteoporosis in Women

47. The Effects of Surgery on RSD Patients

48. MS Contin... Pain Reliever, But Not A Key To Recovery

49. The Role of Bone Scan in the Diagnosis and Management of RSD

50. RSD By any Other Name Is Still The Same

51. Fertility and RSD

52. Should you relay on Prescription Drugs?

53. RSD Does Not Discriminate

54. How to Detoxify

55. Stroke and RSD

56. Prescription Drug Dependence

57. The Stages and Outcome of RSD

58. Medication Research

59. Sympathectomy and Amputation

60. CRPS and  Social Security Disability

61. What to do for Severe Pain in the Abdominal and Pelvic Area

62. Axillary Nerve Block