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RSD Puzzles #21-41

RSD Puzzles #21-41

Below are the titles to RSD Puzzles #21-41. To view these RSD Puzzles, please click on the link below to view the file in PDF-Format.

RSD Puzzles #21-41

21. Symptoms Used To Diagnose RSD

22. Possible Timelines of RSD Recovery

23. Why Not Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS)?  

24. Visual and Hearing Problems

25. Failure of Repetitive Sympathetic Nerve Blocks In Chronic Stages of RSD

26. Can RSD Be Inherited?

27. I Have Had Blocks and Other Treatments That Did Not Work

28. Contradictions In Regard To the Use of Narcotics

29. "They Tried Morphine Pump, and It Made Me Very Sick, I Was Allergic To It"

30. You Had RSD Before, Sympathetic Nerve Blocks Helped, Now You Don't Have It

31. We have Given all The Nerve Blocks We Could

32. My RSD Started From Injury to the Hand and After Carpal Tunnel Operation, Why Is It I Can't Remember Anything

33. I Can't Take Antidepressants. Elavil Made Me Sad and Exhausted, Caused Dizziness, And Fast Heart Beat

34. Can RSD Involve Internal Organs

35. My RSD Is Four Years Old. I Have Recently Started Having Frequent Infections And My Doctor Tells Me That My Immune System Is Not Functioning Properly. Can RSD Cause the Problem?

36. A Few Years Ago When I Started Suffering From RSD, I Kept Losing Weight. Now After Five Years I Have A Problem with Gaining Weight, Regardless Of How Much I Diet Or Exercise

37. Ever Since I Was Affected By RSD I Have Suffered From Irregular, Painful, And Heavy Menstrual Periods. Can This Be Related To RSD?

38. Is Stadol Addicting?

39. Your RSD Is In Remission. If You Have Shaking and Muscle Spasms, This Has Nothing to Do With RSD

40. "Your Swelling Of The Joints Is Nothing But Arthritis. Your Skin Swelling Is Nothing But Fibromyalgia And Your Skin Rash Is From Skin Diseases, And Has Nothing To Do With RSD".

41. They Have Tried Every Kind Of Block, Narcotic, and Antidepressant With No Success. What Should Be Done Now.