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RSD Puzzles #105-125

RSD Puzzles # 105-125

Below are the titles to RSD Puzzles #105-125. To view these RSD Puzzles, please click on the link below to view the file in PDF-Format.

RSD Puzzles #105-125

105. Lumbar Ganglion Sympathetic Block versus Caudal Sacral Canal Fluoroscopy Nerve Block

106. Complications of Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS)

107. Poor Memory and Visual Problems: RSD Has 4 Principles

108. Cold, Flu, and Infections in RSD

109. Chocolate and RSD

110. Chest Pains and RSD

111. Reason for I.V. Mannitol Treatment

112. The Mechanism of Action of Mannitol

113. Nerve Blocks for RSD Spread

114. Hypersensitivity of an RSD Extremity to Touch

115. Mannitol Treatment for CRPS

116. Harmful Effects of Amputation

117. The Role of Neuro-Inflammation in Pathophysiology of Thermal Regulation

118. CRPS and Suicide

119. RSD and Osteopenia

120. Malpractice and RSD

121. Acupuncture in CRPS (RSD)

122. Hip Replacement and RSD

123. Traumatic Stellate Ganglion Block

124. Nerve Blocks

125. Manipulation under Anesthesia