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Vero Beach, Florida

Movement Disorder

Doctor Hooshmand and Eric M. Phillips have co-authored the following article: Movement Disorder in Peripheral Nerve Injuries.

Below is an abstract from the article Movement Disorder in Peripheral Nerve Injuries.

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Movement Disorder




H. Hooshmand, M.D. and Eric M. Phillips

Neurological Associates Pain Management Center

Vero Beach, Florida


Abstract. The conventional wisdom and classical description of movement disorders point to the central nervous system (CNS) as the originator of movement disorder, it is becoming obviously that peripheral nerve injuries can also initiate and contribute to movement disorders. Even though such conditions are exceptional and rare as compared to the CNS movement disorder, there is evidence that the peripheral nervous system (PNS) can also contribute to movement disorder.

Descriptors. central nervous system (CNS), complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS I and CRPS II), movement disorder, myoclonic jerks, Parkinson Disease (PD), reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), tremor.